CoachRaise Academy

CoachRaise Academy is our group dedicated to helping its members become top fundraisers over the course of a year. The Academy will be split into cohorts, and meet eight to ten times per year with a CoachRaise advisor and other coaching colleagues. Meetings are facilitated discussions where you will share lessons & experiences with other coaches, and take advantage of accountability partners to achieve your fundraising goals.

These discussions will help you execute your fundraising strategy and raise more money for your program.
This focus on communication and team work will help coaches learn together and get the most out of their experience.Throughout the course of the Academy we will be joined by guest speakers that will help you better navigate the expectations and conversations that occur throughout the fundraising process. Guests will include, donors, Athletic Directors and more. With your Academy Membership you will also have access to all CoachRaise Workshops.

The Academy is the best tool for those coaches that are looking to Raise their Relevance by raising more dollars for their program. We've also included a money back guarantee if you don't secure a donation of $5,000 or more in your first year in the Academy.
Group discounts available for Athletic Departments, Coaches Associations and National Governing Bodies, which wish to have multiple coaches participate in any Workshop. Please email for more information.

Raise your Relevance through Fundraising

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