Fundraising made Simple for Busy Coaches

Fundraising Fundamentals

The Fundamentals Workshop is designed for Head Coaches & Administrators who are looking to learn skills and practical tips for how to raise more dollars. Coaches will design your own game plan for how they will approach fundraising, and practice asking donors for a pledge.

Attendees will learn a playbook to refine asking skills, best practices, techniques and strategies. Major gift cultivation, solicitation and stewardship will be presented and explored.

Advanced Fundraising

The CoachRaise Advanced Workshop is for seasoned Head Coaches and athletic administrators who are ready to develop the skills required to secure six- and seven-figure gifts. The Advanced CoachRaise techniques can change the trajectory of your program and include; mastering the ask, engaging one on one with high value donors, and relationship management.

Imagine how you could change your program with one high value gift. Refine your fundraising playbook and make this a reality.

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Workshop is designed for assistant coaches aspiring to learn more about fundraising. Our workshop will help Assistants learn the basics of fundraising to prepare you to become a leader in your program and your sport. Emerging Leaders is focused on major gift cultivation, solicitation and stewardship and supporting your head coach in the fundraising process.
These sessions will provide some nuts and bolts, best practices, techniques and strategies.  Attendees will receive overview materials to better refine fundraising skills.  

Raise your Relevance through Fundraising

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